Friday, January 14, 2011

We're blogging...

With a new year comes new ideas! This past holiday season, we closed our website and moved our business to Facebook, and it was, to supplement Facebook, we have decided to blog. We get emails and calls all the time saying, what can you do that's cute for (a baby boy, 16 year-old, etc...) Well, with this blog, not only can you read about it, but you can see it. Once a week we will be updating the blog with what we've been working on, or what's new to come. We hope you will bookmark this blog and check it out often.

Please keep in mind when looking through the pictures that we'll be posting, that the monogram, applique, design, etc...can pretty much be placed on anything you bring to us! So, just because you see it on a bib, doesn't mean it won't look just as cute on a pillowcase or get the idea!

As a reminder, our prices for monogramming and personalization are as follows:
Monogram or name on item - $8
Applique on an item - $8 and up
Applique with name on an item - $10 and up
Please understand that larger items will be quoted upon request.

We always have the following on hand and can work quickly for last-minute gifts...
Bibs ($10 with personalization)
Burp Cloths ($10 with personalization)
Bib & Burp set ($18 with personalization)
Hooded Towels ($15 with personalization)
Pillowcases ($14 with personalization)
Beach Towels ($16 with personalization)
Bath Towels ($15 with personalization)
Hand Towels ($12 with personalization)

On occasion, we will have additional items on hand and we'll be sure to place them on the blog!

We often get calls about custom work such as children's clothing, baby bedding, home decor (draperies, pillows, etc...) The answer to "can you make such and such" is 99% of the time YES! For custom work mentioned above, call Irma at 334.297.8239.

We hope you'll check back often and love to hear from you...if you have any ideas, please email!

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