Friday, January 14, 2011

Bibs, burp cloths, and more bibs!

It must be baby shower season! This week, I've had fun playing around with a new applique set and it is perfect for bibs! I LOVE when customers say, "just do whatever, I know it will be cute!" So, all week long, I've been "doing whatever" and let me say, it IS all turning out cute!

First up is a bib and burp set using some fun fabrics

Our bibs come in many different colors (of course, by this blog post, white is always my favorite as it allows the monogram or fabric to "show off.") We also have two sizes of bibs-infant and toddler. Generally, the infant bibs fit until it's time for a "first birthday bib" and then, I suggest the toddler size. What's a first birthday bib you're asking...well, stay tuned to find out! :)

Next up, using the same applique set (I told you it was my new favorite) are some bibs for some sweet baby girls! Is it just me, or does the "m" bib remind you of a funky m&m?

A classic monogram looks great on our white bib with blue gingham trim. (Our gingham collection also has white with pink gingham trim).

Oh, let me point out, our bibs are made of terry velour and feature a velcro closure! They wash great and are more absorbent with each and every wash!

I can't wait to see pictures of the sweet little babies in thier bibs, and of course, they'll be featured on the blog!

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