Friday, January 14, 2011

Monogramming 101

Many people often question the correct etiquette for monogramming. The bottom line is this, do what makes you happy. Even though I am "old school" and take lead from Emily Post, many married ladies nowadays choose to drop their maiden name and keep their middle name when married. Generally, the placement for females is: first initial, LAST initial, middle/maiden initial.

For men, it really depends on the item being monogrammed. Again, the choice is yours.

When it comes to jointly used items, it can go either way. Some people believe everything in the house is monogrammed with the females initials, however if you choose to do a "joint monogram" it should read: female's initial, LAST initial, male's initial. Or, you can play it safe and just use the couple's last initial.

Heirloom pieces often are monogrammed with initials rather than names. Some believe a monogram creates a history and is considered more formal.

When monogramming an item, it is important to choose a font that suits not just the item, but the recipient of the item as well. While curlz is a fun font, it's not really appropriate to use when monogramming a handkerchief for the grandmother of the get the point! With hundreds of fonts to choose from, there is always at least one that is perfect for the occasion!

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