Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hooded Animal Towels

Hooded Towels
$25, add a name for $5
shipping is $5.50 for the first towel, $1 each additional towel. 
The towel part is a full size bath towel...these are perfect for kids of all ages!

front of tiger; removable washcloth (ears)
back of tiger

elephant, removable wash cloth (ears)

back of elephant

girl and boy bulldog; removable washcloth (ears)

butterfly; removable wash cloth (wings)

girl and boy crabs; removable washcloth (pinchers)

dinosaur; removable washcloth (spine)

boy and girl owl; removable wash cloth (ears)

pirate; removable washcloth (bandana)

shark; fin is attached; washcloth is included inside the towel

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